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A brand identity and packaging design studio.

Scale up your startup's branding game with a reliable and hassle-free design service.

We make original brands that win hearts, and assist legacy brands in reaching new heights.

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Branding, packaging and more.

Original Brands: Winning Hearts, Nothing Less.



Brand Identity

Logo Design


Brand Guides


Wordmark Refinement

Custom Typography

Hand Lettering



Responsive Designs

Concept Development

3D Visualization & Mockups

Packaging Refinement

Print Preparation

Quality Control

Material Selection

Design Consultation





Custom Typography

Print Design

Menu Design






Brand Strategy

Communication Tactics

Brand Narrative

Message Map

Values Discovery

How it works.

Pick a plan and have your designs ready in just a few business days!

How it works illustrations
How it works illustrations
How it works illustrations

Subscribe to a plan and let us know what you need as many as you’d like. 

Receive your design within a few business days of sending your brief to your slack channel or email.

Give us your feedback.

We will revise your designs as

 many times as needed.

 Rated among the Top 5 design firms 

from around the world by HOW Design. 

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Our work.

Top-notch, epic designs, nothing less.

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Lost & Found
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When working with Garage, you'll not only have a timeless and epic design that excites your target audience, but your designs will often be featured in many well-known media channels as well.

Trusted and loved by 

hundreds of businesses.

Garage replaces unreliable freelancers and expensive agencies for one flat monthly fee, with designs delivered quick and tailored for your needs.

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Design Revolution

Get exclusive tailor-made designs, epic packaging & illustrations, all at great speeds & rates. Scale up your startup's branding game!

Manage Through Slack

Handle your design projects seamlessly with Slack. Communicate with us instantly and effectively!

Membership benefits.

Get your top-notch designs and illustrations hassle-free and fast.

Unlimited Design Requests
Fast, accurate design delivery
Fixed monthly rate

Unlimited Design Requests

Request as many designs, illustrations,
and visuals as you’d like for your brand.

Fast, accurate design delivery

Your designs and brand, ready 

in just a few days, one at a time.

Fixed monthly rate

No hidden costs. Pay the same 

price every month.

Membership Plans.

Choose the plan that suits you, and let's start on your design project right now!

All plans include unlimited requests, unlimited revisions, and Adobe source files.


Branding Logo Design

Focused on perfecting your brand design


billed monthly

A dedicated plan for designing
your brand identity.

Unlimited brand identity logo designs

Unlimited logo design requests

Unlimited revisions

Pause or cancel anytime

7 days free trial







Branding, Packaging & Design

Pretty much covers everything!


billed monthly

For startups and enterprises

with on-going design needs.

Unlimited branding & packaging

Unlimited requests

Unlimited revisions

Unlimited designs & illustrations

Pause or cancel anytime

7 days free trial








Branding, Packaging & Design

+ Strategy

Everything + Strategy!


billed monthly

Enterprise and fast-growing teams.

All the other plan features

Unlimited strategy requests

Pause or cancel anytime

7 days free trial




Web front-end development


Get a modern website quickly with our development services. A plan subscription is required.



Online Customer Survey

Measure customer satisfaction, assess your performance against competitors, and understand the value and quality perception of your brand. A plan subscription is required.


*All prices displayed are in USD, but as Garage is a EU-based company, your payment will be collected in the equivalent amount in Euros.

We are only taking on a limited number of new clients to ensure we deliver top-notch work on time. 

Currently, we have openings for just  4  2 more new clients

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you offer membership plans?

Our passion lies in designing. We love creating the best illustrations and iconic branding and packaging designs. We don't want to spend our time sending endless proposals, managing contracts, and engaging in lengthy email exchanges about revisions. With the membership model, we can bypass these traditional business hurdles and focus on what we truly love – design. For our clients, it offers a straightforward process where they know upfront what they will pay and what they will get.

How quickly will I receive my designs?

Typically, it takes a few business days to receive your first concepts, depending on the number of directions you'd like us to explore. For example, for a logo design, the typical turnaround time after a request is 3-4 business days for the presentation of three sample directions. The same applies to packaging design, but for custom illustrations and more specific requests, the process may vary based on the details of the work. Our approach is to deliver the best quality work to you as quickly as possible.

Is there a limit to how many requests I can make?

Once you subscribe to one of our plans, you can request as many design, illustration, and strategy services (if you've chosen the strategy package) as you need. Your designs will be delivered sequentially.

Can I subscribe to a plan only for a month?

Absolutely. You can subscribe to any of our plans for just one month. For instance, if you need a logo design and want to work with us specifically for this, you can subscribe to the Branding Logo Design plan. Simply let us know that you plan to use it for a one-month period.

Who are the designers?

Garage is founded and led by renowned designer Salih Kucukaga, with a team that includes many talented designers, illustrators, and strategists. Here are some designers who have collaborated with Garage: Kendrick Kidd, Brian Rau, Cody Petts, Jesse Lindhorst, Mustafa Soydan, Jonathan Schubert.

Why are you accepting a limited number of clients?

We don't want to compromise the quality of our services by taking on more clients than we can handle. We maintain our quality standards and deliver work on time.

What programs do you design in?

Most requests are designed using Adobe applications like Illustrator and Photoshop, but we also use Procreate for illustrations and Figma for UI designs.

How do I request designs?

We use Trello and Slack. You can send your project requests through these channels.

What if I only have a single request?

That's fine. You can pause your subscription when finished and return when you have additional design needs. 

What if I don't like the design?

No worries! We'll continue to revise the design until you're 100% satisfied.

Are there any refunds if I don't like the service?

Due to the high-quality nature of our work, we don't issue refunds. We'll continue working on your project until you're satisfied. However, if you're still not satisfied and want to cancel your plan, for example, after two weeks, you'll be refunded for the remaining two weeks you didn't use.

Why did you choose the name Garage?

The concept of "The Garage" has been special in the world of technology and business for as long as we can remember. It's a place where you "tinker," "iterate," and experiment. It's also where we go to refine our designs before presenting them to the world. At Garage Design Studio, we see design as an evolving process. We're all about going back to our roots, pushing boundaries, and delivering high-calibre design for passionate startups.

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